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Business Analysis

The term business analysis is a broad term given to the process of analyzing and influencing three distinctly different aspects of the business, which combined, effect the enterprise at every level, these are:

Business Strategy - Analyzing the strategic profile of the company and implementing policy changes based upon this analysis.

Business Architecture - Analysis of the actual way in which the business functions. This includes evaluating objectives and the resources and processes currently in place to achieve them. Changes to the business architecture will be made based upon this analysis.

Business Systems - Analysis of the businesses information systems needs, defining required changes to information systems based upon this analysis.

The Three Phases of Business Analysis

Every time that business analysis techniques are applied, there is a natural three phase progression, which can be explained thus:

Phase 1 - Why? - This phase is purely about fact finding. Normally, this will involve the formulation of a feasibility study to examine the business case put forward for changes.

Phase 2 - Work - In this phase the business analyst will develop a project or requirements plan, which will need to be agreed with all stakeholders, and then implemented.

Phase 3 - Working? - This is the final phase, where any changes implemented need to be proven as working. Additionally, at this phase the business analyst needs to confirm that all requirements have been met.